BeyondSeed is a growth engine designed to help startup founders move from Seed to Series A by connecting them to dedicated professionals.

Unlocking Startup Potential: BeyondSeed provides founders with vital resources and offers members exclusive early access to promising startups, backed by strategic investments, seed capital, and working capital.

About Us

Empower early-stage startups to thrive with BeyondSeed, the ultimate member-driven accelerator. We propel startups from Seed to Series A, ensuring founders access essential resources while granting members early exposure to promising ventures.

Our solution addresses key startup pitfalls: insufficient funding and team alignment. We foster a culture of investment, encouraging members to contribute capital, effort, and time. Through a comprehensive approach, we strategically match members with startups, maximizing their impact. Join our angel network, transcend traditional incubators and accelerators, and redefine startup growth.

Beyond Seed

How are we different ?

At BeyondSeed, we understand the pain points of founders looking to grow their startups. The frustration that comes with getting little help or no help from their ecosystem. While models such as angel investing, incubators, VCs and accelerators do help, there is still too much guesswork in ensuring that founders meet their target goals. We want to reduce guesses and ensure that more startups reach credible growth stages. Our team understands the hustle of the startup entrepreneur and the demands/expectation of a willing investor. We are committed to being a catalyst for startup success for both founders and investors. Join BeyondSeed today and help redefine the nature of seed-stage startup funding

Why use us?



  • Capital: Fund your dreams
  • Mentorship: Get advice from an industry expert in your niche
  • Network: Meet a host of eager investors and other innovative founders
  • Growth: A chance to take your startup to the next level.
Start up


  • Access: Get early access the most innovative startups across Asia.
  • Stake: Attractive stake offers
  • Diversity: A unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio
  • Partnership: Work alongside founders to meet growth targets
  • Network: Meet-up with numerous entrepreneurs and other investors.

how we do we it?

  • Are you a startup founder looking to grow your startup beyond the seed stage?
  • Are you looking to raise capital for your startup?
  • Are you struggling to get the right resources for your company?

If YES, then you need to sign up with BeyondSeed Platform today. BeyondSeed is a growth-engine platform that matches founder with mentors that could help propel the growth of their startup.

Once you sign up and approved, we match you to an industry expert. Our mentors bring a wealth of experience, skill,network,and capital.Our mentors are encouraged to invest capital and commit time to become true partners to founders.

With our model, the road to growth and capital is made much simpler.

 Sign up today, and begin your journey to Series A.


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After evaluation approval, you get matched with investors and experts that will provide you will capital, skills, and experience to aid your company’s growth.

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